The Museumhouse

Every person is his own curator because each person decides what he wants to own and show, in this way creating his own collection. The collections in our house show who we are and what we love. We become part of the house and create our own ‘museumhouse’.

When someone is born, he’s naked, he has nothing. From that moment on, he starts collecting for a whole life long, until he dies. Then, everything what belonged to this person, is going to be separated. Tragically, his personal collection is scattered between the descendents.

I believe that by translating the personal products of the deceased into usable products for the descendents, the memories are kept alive. This is why by using not only the product itself, but also the way the deceased person has used it I can create meaningful reproductions that you can use on your daily life. And by creating a mould of the creations, every descendant will keep all the beautiful memories in their new form. And the original collection stays together.